Monday, December 17, 2012

Displaced Gods of the Lot

Posted by A Great Liar

[The following is an excerpt from a currently undergoing novel, 'Requiem for a Vertical Man']

The Lot is situated close to the eastern end of the Suburbs of the Low. Left to its own devices thousands of years ago, the place is now molten with disposed memories from time unmeasured, scandalized items once worshiped now disposed off like displaced gods of a pagan temple, and the mass garbage that still stank of the human soul gone awry with the imminence of death.

The tattle tale of the owners and the owned.

There were graffiti all over the four walls, but you would have to hang upside down to make out anything from most of them, drawn by men with little sense of the vertical and horizontal; poor mathematicians who lived and humped like bats.

A sight that inspired a sense of godlessness, a land tinted with the aesthetics of waste marking the intersections of our personal histories, underlying interests, conscious and unconscious desires. A slide show of our deep humanity, as well as our flaws, that now looks dirty or offensive in retrospect.


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Ghost of Winter

Posted by A Great Liar

The rustle of midnight leaves against the winter wind isn’t the only sound outside his cottage in the wild.

Despairing against the liquor bottle fast drying up, he heard the faint footsteps approaching, realizing that the darkness has come for him.

Gripping the sledgehammer in his hand, he waits for that knock on the door.

This post is written for the Best 55 Fictionist Contest, hosted by Sasikumar Raja Blogs at Beginner