Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tears of a Serpent

Posted by A Great Liar

Tears are words that heart can’t express. It is the strangest form of grief, the one that makes you cry, a strange kind of sorrow, which if you closely observe, will make you realize the truth of it, that you are merely shedding tears for someone who has been your utmost delight.

Grief can have the best of even the worst amongst us, the saint and the angel amongst us, the deer and the serpent amongst us.

You will learn to hate it, you will learn to love it, to cherish it, rage against them running down your cheeks. But you shall in each case endure them. Like you learn to endure everything that is sacred inside of us, no matter how dark the soul of man, there is something that resembles like light even in our lowliest moment that we tend to hold on to from time to time. At times, it serves as our defense mechanism in the fight against the teasing gnawing conscience.

Tears, likewise, are sacred. They are not the tool of the weak amongst us, but of a power the like of which most of us stay unacquainted with. And they speak of a love which would otherwise remain inexpressible and beyond words. And they say so much more while sparing us the frivolities of tongue.

They say that only men who are good and worthwhile have it in them the nobility to cry. And I say to them, what of the ones who had lived in the shelter of darkness most of their lives, what of the villain who has the heart to shed tears. A grief to express.

And what of the serpent we all fear and dread, the dark specter that none shall embrace. What of his loneliness and his tears.

Don’t we all look at him and say, “Here goes a bad man, here goes a man without morals or worth.”

Have not most of us facade keepers, the one who divine about faith and moralities over lavish dinner tables, have you all not in one time or another enjoyed the fruits of the dark, not served in the lair of the serpent for your own worldly gains?

Or have you no sense of gratitude. That you may now pause in your frivolities only to mock what once served in your best interest. Provided you that pillow of comfort on which you now lay your head and dream of righteousness.

It is a pity that men, often blinded by faith, may often see the worse amongst others, and not the best. May only see the serpent inside the serpent and not the tears that now forever draw him nearer to goodness than he could ever imagine.

A lot nearer than most of you could ever have been.

Because if it is noble to love a good man for his nobility, isn't it nobler to love a dark one for his fallibilities, for his torments of mind and soul. And if for nothing else, for that small world within him, a mere idea, or a world of fantasy he often escapes into and does much good; where none of his own evil lurks to haunt him, and no marks of the beast upon his reflection.  

Where, for however unreal and briefest the moments, he stays a good man…


  1. yes it is nobler to love a man for all his fallibility and it is also true that whosoever is attracted towards warmth of love has much goodness inside of him to offer to the ones around him.
    n it is also true that people do think that they are the best n most upright in the world but they might have their darkest persons inside of them.
    but i feel it is also true that he whosoever tries to control his serpent his dark..n pays heed to the light no matter how dim, or little can make it vibrant n flagrant for much to share with others without sounding self-righteous :)

  2. I have met quiet a lot of people who say that shedding tears is just a form of showing how weak u are but in my opinion it shows that u have the courage to express yr grief. Tears can bring u closer to ppl and to god as well. great post it really touched my heart cuz i myself also consider tears as my best friends: )

  3. someone who has been your utmost delight...

    lovely post... very true! =)

  4. Great liar indeed :)

  5. Hi AGL,
    A thought provoking post like always!
    So rarely do we see empathy for the darker shades of life so irrevocably present in all of us...whether we deny or admit, hide or reveal.
    If only human nature was more humane:-)

  6. "Your eyes show the strength of your soul." Anyway, this reminds me of a Jagjit Singh's ghazal: Bataaoon hai kya aansoon ki haqiqat..Jo samjho tho sab kuch...Na samjho tho paani. Anyway, beautifully written.

  7. simply superb post.still i don't understand how u write this amazing stuff. ur genius.

  8. Genius, yap that’s what you are!

    To be honest, this is not something very special or may be this is not what you usually write, but still one thing is definite and that is the clean and smooth style of writing… that grab the reader's attention and he/she can’t leave somewhere in between but had to finish till the end.

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