Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Love A Lie

Posted by A Great Liar

World is a facade, bounded by dyed rags around a squaw, dyed rags around each one of us, some with love, some with faith and rest with pure material pursuits.

Each of us living in a lie we would rather not give up, not because we have learned to love a lie, but because we believe there is not an iota of truth to be had around us. Because the world we live in and the world we have woven for ourselves is conceived of a lie, a lie of a wife to her husband that endures a shallow marriage, a lie of a mother to her child that endures one's upbringing, a lie of a father to the son, that endures his manly pride, the lie of a preacher to the herd of faithful, to endure a living based on the promises of the supernatural.

Or lie of a drunkard, or a rich man's, each boasting of a possession he could never truly own, neither a drunkard his wine nor a rich man his treasures.

Hence, what do we truly own in this world. What is it that is real and yet beyond ‘reachable’. That had made us accustomed to living with a lie. What are those obligations, hidden from our sight, that doesn’t allow a wife to give up on a shallow marriage, or a mother to give up on her worthless child, or a father to relieve himself from the duties of a boastful son, or never allows the faithful herd to pull away from the prospects of supernatural?

And neither a drunkard without his wine or a rich man without his treasures would ever be seen. Is that all there is to boast?

Why is it that even a minute prospect of something that is real makes us jittery, gets on our nerves and becomes hard to bear? Why is it that we would rather cling to falsehood than face the facts?

We do all that, and yet have the audacity to wonder why there is so little good in this world. Why there is so much darkness in people, least of all the one bragging his heart out on this worthless piece of paper. Why the vibes we exude are so negative, we complain, and yet do we ever ask ourselves the question:

"What have I ever done to make this a better place. To make one a better person. A single soul, any one? Do I have anything else to offer except bitterness and disappointments, and lies, more lies." 

Have we wondered what we call negative or dark could merely be the absence of positive, or light. Have we asked ourselves; "what have I ever done to negate this avalanche of darkness brooding inside of us."

Or better. "Have we ever the strength to stand in front a mirror and ask ourselves the dreaded question. "What exactly is my valuable contribution to this whirlpool of swirling darkness, hatred and negativity".

My answer to that last question would be: "Enough to last a lifetime."


  1. Oh, you know how it is, we humans are all inherently weak,hypocritical to the core. Etc etc.

    We all know it, but we still like to talk/write/think about it, because it makes us feel better


  2. and you call yourself A Great Liar. it makes me wonder.

    'Have we wondered what we call negative or dark could merely be the absence of positive, or light'

    there's a similar line i've read, in Gregory Maguire's Wicked. there's a discussion on evil, and what it actually is. that was one of the theories!

  3. some easily believed lies are more comforting than difficult, unattainable truths...
    and not all darkness, bitterness and disappointments are borne out of one's own negativity..sometimes the darkness just sucks out all rays of light!

    may be i interpret it wrong...maybe this is a lie too:-)

  4. Maybe we are scared of change itself? Its just a thought.

  5. may be the one holding on to his possessions have some faith, or conviction there. may be the one feels he is responsible for his own world in which his loved ones exist and abandoning them is too much of a selfishness for a lil selfless person. and may be he has tried to bring a positive change in their lives. may be just may be..

  6. Sighhhh. So true.

    But we just don't want to change. And clinging to falsehoods has something in all of us.

    I do ask myself all of that. But don't do anything anout it. :(

  7. excellent post.keep blogging.

  8. Its the same question our nation is been asking that how are we gonna get out of this mess but nobody is asking the question that why are we in this mess at the first place. great post as always : )

  9. Candidly penned.
    Loved your answer to the last question..!!!

    BTW,Great Lier,was your answer another of your lies ?

    BTW,I love this eerie music,yea I mean the one that plays at your blog,AUTOMATICALLY..:)

  10. This was really good!
    It was as if you took the words right out of my mouth, Its exactly the kind of stuff that i think about. This was amazing.

  11. very true...agree with you that "the world we live in and the world we have woven for ourselves is conceived of a lie...."

    Nice Post..... :)

  12. very excellent post.

    wish our country pakistan team to be winner in this world cup over india.

    keep blogging.

  13. You never asked yourself about the quantity of your contribution... to which your "enough" as an answer would suffice. delve deeper into the realms of introspection and maybe you shall come across the answer to the "what". thinking about such matters shows that half your battle has been won, for seldom does anyone ponder about such things in life. but to consider it a full circle, I hope that you are able to look deeper and answer your own questions eventually.

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  39. Life is not a facade but the people around are a facade,,,walking around with masks and smiling with teeth like snakes bare fangs

  40. Well, our love for lies is an eternal truth. World is just a vicious circle of delusions...bitter ugly realities that are ironically sugar coated in the cloak of morals. we all are a part of it and no, we cant help it.

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