Sunday, March 13, 2011

Darwin Land Dropouts

Posted by A Great Liar

“Have you ever wondered what it is like to fall in love with someone?” I asked her. “I mean really and truly fall in love. Not like one of those hormonal seizures called crush or something”.

“Yes.” She replied. “Though I have a serious objection to that term you used.”

“But why?” I asked. “It’s only fair to regard it in this vein. Crushes aren’t real, I mean they are so fake that they are not even fake. It’s as if they are simply not there. Just a manifestation of one’s desire to sleep with someone one physically admires. Leaves no room for any strings attached, and the only nuisance you can think of is the blood you see on your hands accusing you in the morning light to come. But of course, one can wash it all off. I mean, with a bit of effort, one can pretty much wash off just about anything from one’s life these days.”

“Well, Lev.” She said, a touch irritated. “That has always been one of your problems, you never thought of people as people, you merely think of a primitive human model and turn it into an abstraction by stripping him or her of all human emotions.”

“That is certainly not true.” I protested. “I do believe them to be human. They do make an effort to be, and I of all people have always given them credit for it. I would never ever show them any disrespect, … I mean not of the sort you accuse me of.”

“I see.” She replied. “Then what sort of disrespect would you extend to your fellow humans?”

“Oh … only the kind they deserve.” I replied. “That they prefer everything to be so easy in life. No strings attached. Be it love, work or any other human endeavor. Most of them out there just like to spend their life like a philistine or a homo erectus, endlessly dreaming for a Darwin Land or something, where they would have nothing better to do in life than to hump in the bushes or sleep in the teepees. Which I find a barbaric conduct, not worthy of a human.”

“Thank you, Lev.” She replied.

“Oh don’t thank me.” I replied. “Thank them. And while you are at it, thank them for being as lazy as God made them to be, or else, had they any motivation to pursue their dreams, we might as well have ended up with having one, a happy Darwin Land that is, which would be absolutely disastrous.”

“No Lev.” She replied. “What I actually thanked you for is proving my point of view.”

“What point of view?” I asked.

“That you do think of them as primitive human models.” She replied. “But never mind.”

Silence followed.

She continued. “But do tell me something, Lev. Wouldn’t Darwin Land be rather a nice prospect. I mean, if you actually make an effort to visualize it, sounds a bit like Heaven to me.”

“A nice place you mean.” I was appalled. “Of course it would be splendid. But the problem is, it would be just too nice. That is the real problem.”

“Well, you have lost me there.” She said. “I mean, wouldn’t you want your life to be easy, minus the corporate rituals, social obligations, and the rest of the crap we all have to take day in and day out to endure a living, as it were.” 

“Yes.” I agreed. “We all would. But it would be rather catastrophic. In retrospect, it would be the end of human race as we know it.”

“How come?” She asked. “And please, in plain English this time.”

“Plain English?” I asked. “There is no such thing as plain English, or plain anything for that matter. Take us humans for instance. The more I think about it all, the more I am certain of the fact that a Darwin Land is the last possible place we humans are fit for.” I rigorously shook my head in negative.

“I simply don’t understand what you mean by that. I mean, if anything, humanity will only prosper by the prospect of something as grand as this.” She replied. “In principle I mean, not that Darwin Land is happening any time soon.”

“Prosper?” I asked. “Why, because we would have more time to breed? No, Ammo. Neither in principle nor in practice would it do us any good. For thousands of years, we have become accustomed to chaos, abuse, flipping about between one school of thought to another, from socialism to fanaticism to mere moderate puppeteers to God knows what else. Without the absence of titles or any of the social calamities present in the modern day, we would be too confused, too scared to do anything. We would die of intellectual starvation, if not continued to be fed with lies by the corrupt Lord Masters we so readily elect to do our whipping for us. For too long we have mistaken malice as a substitute for love, manipulation as a substitute for genuine human care, and been fed with dry bones on a cold scaffold floor which smells like bed of roses to us.”

“Wow!” She replied. “I didn’t mean to get you so worked up, Lev. It was just an idea, …. I am sorry, but let’s just forget about it, shall we?”

“An idea!” I replied. “Do you realize what an idea would do to us? It’s like flirting with danger the magnitude of which we could never possibly gauge. Unimaginable! The sooner we forget about it the better. I would not want to be held responsible for something as destructive as this, because there is only so much of blood a man can shake off his hand.”

She asked. “Even if it was for a good cause. All that blood I mean.”

“Especially if it is for a good cause.” I replied. “Those are the hardest to get rid of. They stuff up your conscience and strangle the living daylight out of you.”

Silence followed.

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  1. Wow what a satire on modern world...
    and we would certainly die of intellectual bankruptcy in the absence of titles or any of the social calamities present in the modern day.

  2. very excellent post greatliar.

  3. beautifully written, but hard to analyze and understand., keep blogging.

  4. @Rolling Stone: Thanks a lot mate. yes, wouldnt we? We just arent ready for anything better, for obvious reasons of course.

    @ranganath: Thanks a million pal. Nice of you to drop by. :)

    @Sadiya Merchant: Oh indeed, just the way Darwin Land is, but the point is, are we ready for it? The point of the post concerned is that being in heaven/darwin land will take a lot of adjusting to. :)

    @lataranganath: Thanks Lata. The point is as I mentioned in the above comment to Sadiya, we simply arent ready.

  5. a good take really.....

    Your writing skill is superb - You have your own way of mixing the fact with fiction, that is really appealing.
    As i see ur Blog has become so popular in just couple of months, is a tribute to your writing.
    Best wishes,

  6. thanks for reply.greatliar keep posting.

  7. Reading this post reminds me of "V for Vendetta". I don't know why.

  8. Yea physically its really hard to find darwin's land (as if it exists) but i am of the opinion that if a person is peaceful at mind, then he/she is indeed living in darwin's land. great post : )

  9. @IRFANUDDIN: Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Yes, when I first started this blog two months ago, I had never dreamed of achieving as much attention as I have, and not sure if I am deserving of any of it. Not at all.
    I am just another writer, if anything. :)
    And I would like to extend a special thanks to you and to the rest of my esteemed readers, it wouldn't have been possible without your support. So thank you once again. :)

    @lataranganath: You are most welcome, Lata. rest assured I reply to each and every comment I receive on my posts.

    @Chaos: 'V for Vendetta', oh yes, great flick wasnt it. But whats the relation with the post, if any.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Kiran Ashraf: Perhaps you have a point there, but isnt that mental equilibrium an ever elusive prospect?
    Thanks a lot :)

  10. @sm: Hey there, ... well not all writing need to have a point. However, I was simply trying to point out how happily miserable we have become as a nation, so well accustomed to corrupt leaders etc. It appears as if we dont even want to do anything about it, all that wrong surrounding us in the society.

  11. glad I found this blog.I doubt if we would adjust to the idea of Darwinland or Utopia....
    loved the second last para.....'Flirting with....."

  12. I'm lazy. :(
    Lol i likee Darwin land :$

  13. @Alka Gurha: Same sentiments here. I have my doubts too. :)

    @AL: Oh indeed you will AL, indeed you will.

    @Miss Hanif: Thanks. Glad you like it. :)

  14.'s like every time you take us to this great series of conversations between Lev n Ammo..
    and the reader feels he never left this space at backdrops, no beating about the bush..straight and blunt:-)

    it started with love...moved on to human models...utopia..and what not...
    sometimes I wish i was a tad more intelligent to actually get the grasp and beauty of your writing in the first go...but then I don;t mind reading it all over again:-)

    please keep writing:-)

  15. @suruchi: Thank you so much for your comments, encouraging as always.
    And you can call me Lev ;)

  16. hey there [since i dont know ur name n i dont wana address u as liar]
    although i found it to be an intellectual read but it left a lil confusion in my mind as well. in the beginning i felt as if u are implying that homosapians are living life like the basic human and all.. with their basic instincts fulfilled, these days. so are they not living a darwinian lifestyle then? already i mean?? i do however understand the point of a darwinian worry free world they way you have summed it up.

  17. Amazing really. You are so right about a emotionless human that seem to be taking over everyone these days.

  18. @mahlaqa: Well, you can call me Lev.
    Well, what I was trying to imply is that if given a choice, we would rather live in a Darwinian Utopia, however given the social prejudices, in all their forms, installed into us at an early age, it would not be possible for a modern human being to cope with it. Apparently we are given too much to the human imperfections and probably have grown fond of it a bit too much.
    In short, we would rather like to be whipped than served!
    Hope that explains it :)

    @Tazeen: Thanks. Glad you liked it.

    @Ice Princezz: Hi there. Thank you so much. And welcome aboard. :)

  19. exceptionally are not a liar but you told truth.

  20. @yashodha: Thanks a million. Glad you liked it. :)

  21. Powerful and brain drilling conversation :P