Saturday, March 12, 2011

What’s In A Name...

Posted by A Great Liar

When you stand in front of a mirror and begun instead to see the faces you once left behind, you realize that the worst has started to happen.

People you once left behind now resurging from that deep dark hole of discarded memory bag, to remind you of the mistakes you made.

And memories, unlike even the most unpleasant things in life, have no balancing act, there is a certain purity of form about them that is rather nonchalant, lacks in compassion, and knows no forgiveness.

In short, a memory is past’s way of returning the compliment.

Because we all go through an age when we value not a person in person but instead value things that are transitory and evaporate with age; like beauty, always enjoyed in present and treated with aversion in retrospect. Perhaps it is there to remind us of Nature’s dry humouredness towards its earthlings.
Because in days when you had no care of the world, you reject even the people who offered you their most precious asset a person could ever offer; their own self.

But you simply go on as if without a choice, drunk with marvels of youth, burning with ambition, treating all with an outward display of revolt, all the time believing you deserve better. Thinking you have no flaws, all the while never realizing how deeply flawed is the one who has no flaws.

And hence it all slowly melts down to adulthood, like wannabe gods disappointed by how low their rise has been.

I am of that flock, now carrying a box that is never full enough, and with gnawing memory of a face I cannot put a name to.

A face of the person selfless in her offering, mistaken as fair game and treated as a sport, and deliberately so. The kind of person you would have to go through the whole nine yards to disappoint and break apart.

And you would. Because that’s the kind of person one would love to disappoint, the right kind of person. 

And now ironically, few years down the road, I can’t even remember the name.

If only I could put a tag next to that face, wouldn’t it make everything all right?


  1. @Smokey_Cat: Oh indeed we are, .......... yes indeed!

  2. and so proud of it you are!...

    The funny thing is.... well,
    It's a strange trait I've observed. People ( not always the male in particular) will at times be content in being miserable rather than doing something about it.

    They seem to thrive in misery, they choose it, perhaps even on some sick level, enjoy the wallowing.

    Why o Why?

  3. @Smokey_Cat: Oh no no, I am not proud. Not at all. Does this post read like it was conceived in a state of grandeur/pride.
    And its way way too late to do anything about it.

  4. haha, sorry about the multiple posts. The net is messed up.

    Yes it does seem a bit full of pride :)
    but it was a good read nevertheless

  5. Well, it happens with all of us bloggers, we write something then we wonder why we did it.

    But for what it's worth, what you wrote was at least honest.... A bit of a reality check for the idealists. (like me)

  6. @Smokey_Cat: No worries regarding the multiple posts. :)
    It does? Absolutely unintentional I assure you. May be u have a point there, a subconscious rendezvous with being miserable and enjoying it. I dunno.
    And to be honest, I dont even know why I wrote all that...

  7. @Smokey_Cat: Ooops, sorry about that. A blooper at my end.
    However, the comment boxes normmally dont work like a chat box :/

  8. Yea... past never fades away... it just keeps on coming back to us in different forms.

  9. who's touchy? happens...and it happens without reason...

    And most of the time we met someone so right...on not so right time...

  10. very well written
    yes people forget about the nature of the nature
    what is in name?
    Political families say it all then it may be India or Pakistan.

  11. this is so true. memory is the cruelest form of torture. and not just the remembering part is painful. its the part that has become foggy and lost detail. painful because of what was there and painful because u forgot it too.

  12. i think we cant change it.... it comes naturally and without any reason....

  13. times heals everything and we can change it

  14. Wow i can actually relate to this. But men deserve it, don't they :P

    Very well written! :)

    How deeply flawed is one, who has no flaws. wow

  15. very deep and so true again...
    a lot u express and a lot u leave for us to interpret...
    the nameless face and the mystery...

    loved the lines:
    memory is past's way of returning the compliment
    and the part about wannabe gods..

    when we think we have no flaws, it rightly is the biggest of all flaws...if only we could put ourselves in the mirror as others see us..
    here's hoping memories are kinder towards all of us:-)

  16. worst post i have seen. keep writing.

  17. very excellent post. first time here. keep blogging

  18. "You men are all dogs"

    i don't agree with this comment mr smoky cat.,

    its harsh

  19. now i dont kno wat im more sad abt- d fact dat i hold d exact same box or dat im unwillin to do anythin abt it :o

    That's all I can say.

    P.s- I have actually read it thrice now. You wrote what I once wrote, however in a much better expressions. Hats off to you dude.

  21. flaws and bad memories are what nobody wants to have.
    but we all have it anyway :D

  22. "Hey! what's your name again'?

    This query has destroyed 983454656 relationships.
    I wish there were Tags,really.

    TO,Someone,who said in a comment above that sometimes we bloggers post things,on which we later wonder,why in world did we post this?

    I would say,"DITTO"...

  23. @Kiran Ashraf: Oh yes, it does, it comes back snarling like a big bad wolf, chasing u down in the woods.

    @Thinking: Hehe, yes, we all have our days of retribution/repentence, dont we? Life indeed is all about timming.

    @sm: Yes, ppl are forgetful, a little too forgetful if I may say so. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Aabi: Yes, and what hurts the most in retrospect is the realization that all the things from the past which have become vague overtime were the things worth remembering and holding onto, ... now that is cruel indeed.
    Thanks for taking time out to comment. :)

    @IRFANUDDIN: Absolutely sir, I am in total agreement. Good to have u here once again. :)

    @some unspoken words: Does it? I dunno. In my experience, memories only make it worse overtime. And how can one change something that is now but a mere past, beyond the human reach.

    @KWP: Hey, thanks a million. By the way, isnt it an invite only blog. :)

    @AL: Thanks AL. I guess they do deserve it. Too much complacency.

    @suruchi: Thank you so much. :)
    Yes, the idea was to say as much as possible without putting it in too many words, or to make too revealing.
    And for how long can we face the proverbial mirror and stay sane, I often wonder.
    Here is to memories, in all their forms and shapes!

    @giri: And the worst post I ever wrote. Thanks!

    @vijaylakhani: Thanks a lot. Nice of you to drop by.

    @nanak hotwani: Thank you so much. U r most welcome here. Do come back for more.

    @Sadiya Merchant: The past is beyond reach, so what can one do, but whine(read blog!) about it. Thanks for dropping by.:)

    @Se2: Thanks a lot. Good to have you here. :)

    @Furree Katt: Yes, and we hardly ever have a choice. Even when we thought we had a choice, but do we really?
    Thanks a lot. :)

    @Hamza Bin Ladin: Yes, Hamza, I know what u mean by that, u better not that do "THAT" again, I mean blog about something that u later have questions about. :/
    Yes, having tags makes things a little easier in life, doesnt it.
    Thanks for dropping by,

  24. you looking so smart and handsome greatliar,. but you always tells lies, are you from karachi, yes me too from karachi,. its great yar

  25. exceptionally great stuff here.amazing, such a creative and talented person you are.keep it up.

  26. lev: oh and i forgot to mention when i read this post. i realized that you stole my thoughts because this is exactly what i have been thinking for sometime :p

  27. @lata relwani: So nice of you to say that, lata.
    You are from khi too, splendid!

    @KWP: Oh u did? Then u do realize how awful memories can be. Gnawin' and screechin' endlessly inside one's mind.

  28. folks may say time is the best healer but...
    sometimes wounds are healed but scars are left and every time you see those scars,they will make you recall every thing from the past...

  29. @Rolling Stone: Yes, time is both a healer and a manipulative sadistic punk, slowly working away at us.
    Thank you once again, always good to have you around :)

  30. very beautiful post.nice to hear.your blog is very wonderful.

  31. "Because that’s the kind of person one would love to disappoint, the right kind of person"

    Makes sense.

  32. @lataranganath: Thank you so much, awfully nice of you to say that. :)

    @Maryam Malik: Makes sense, doesnt it? In an ironic bitter sort of way I suppose ...

  33. //memories, unlike even the most unpleasant things in life, have no balancing act, there is a certain purity of form about them that is rather nonchalant, lacks in compassion, and knows no forgiveness//
    i would have to agree with each word.