Sunday, May 1, 2011

Born Down In the Dead Man’s Town

Posted by A Great Liar

We are all born down to the dead man’s town. Where each of those good old skunks was once a man of worth, till he learned to have an opinion.

Where they all kiss, smile, and die henceforth, some by chance, other by providence.

Where the wise men have a crack at Divinity and the mere average souls strive for immortality within their shaded abodes. Some worship the Seen, some Unseen, and the rest who could do with neither, followed none but their own shadows.

Some had Gods sculptured in the shoddy back lane shops, others strove for them in the towering erected domes.

And some dreamed of heaven above, while most strove to erect One of their own devices, heavens bricked with concrete and blood of their fellow beings.

But each man is born to burn in this funny little town, is what none of us realize, not in the nick of time anyway.  


  1. A bitter truth indeed..
    nice read.

  2. The End is the ultimate reality...yet few think about it. Or want to think about it.

  3. What an irony!? And so aptly put.
    Hope it is all shortlived and sanity prevails in the long run.

  4. Commendable narration. Jotted down perfectly!

  5. simply superb post.

  6. why did you name your blog? this? Does it represent something? Just curious

  7. Hey,I feel something's missing over here.
    Wait a minute.
    Oh yea',where's that eerie music? I used to love to hear that while reading you.

    BTW,I have been away for ages,and I'm off to read this post and the ones I misted on your super awesome blog.

    PS:I know it's stupid to comment before reading the post but that's that.:D

  8. Lev.. there was a time when you said people should comment and now you made a fan base people are commenting liking your post.. and asking more questions about you so you should respond to it...ethically you should :)

    On Post! this is another well written article as usual...:)

    by the way my blog is waiting for you as it contain some thing you were waiting for months...

  9. very well composed. but lacks feeling... or maybe i just think differently to not be synchronized with the words.

  10. great way to say the bitter truth of life
    your blog header image is excellent

  11. @aakash: Well, thanks. And it was a spur of a moment post actually.

    @Alka Gurha: Thanks. And yes, the very idea of an end haunts us all, basics of survival instinct I suppose.

    @formerlydelirious: Thanks, and yes I hope so too.

    @Nostalgic: Thanks Nos, appreciate it. :)

    @poonamvijaylakhani: Thank you so much. :)

    @Hamza Bin Ladin: Hey Hamza, good to see u around. Well, the music happens to be a theme music from the movie 'Requiem for a Dream', itself an awesome flick.

    @super bachular: :)

    @Felicity: Hi felicity. Thank you so very much.

    @manish chandhwani: Thanks.

    @Thinking: Thanks a lot.

    @Mooses Hemani: Hey there Mooses, well yeah, I agree, not replying is kinda rude, but I have been so stuck with work and all lately. Trying my best to keep up with it.


    @the butterfly effect: Well, yea, could be the case. Like i said to Akash, this is like a spur of a moment post, and didnt give it any rewrite whatsoever. Thanks for your feedback :)

    @sm: Thanks a lot, glad u liked it. :)

  12. @Linhy: Oh, to be honest, if u ask me, I wouldnt knw why I named blog as such. Its just seemed like the right kind of a name.

    I just think of it as an interesting title with few literary puns here and there :)

  13. purbani manishchandwaniMay 22, 2011 at 3:39:00 AM PDT

    superb post.

  14. very well written Lev, n well there wd be some who just wont know if they desire any at all.. the heavens, or domes or sculpted gods or their own shadows :)

  15. @purbani manishchandwani: Thanks a lot. :)

    @cute latha: :) :) :)

    @mahlaqa: Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it. And true, most are like that, and I guess one cant be too critical of them becoz they r just being ppl, as it were....