Thursday, May 26, 2011

God's Business

Posted by A Great Liar

Blood came spurring out of the wound as if finally relieved of its tensions, of all that tension of living in a state of war. The little green man fell haplessly on the ground; his blood curdled eyes staring at my lily white face - the last thing that lucky commie bastard would ever get to see in this world.

Down onto my haunches I searched the body and found nothing to my liking. Like most of his kind, he lived in the teepees and humped in the bushes - now just another slit-eyed creep with his throat gashed from my bayonet.

War is murder in wholesale, somebody once said, and I say the hell with him, because we are at war. It’s the natural order of things, and you never ever fuck with nature.


We move on, like a bunch of best trained sniffers a country at war could ever hope for, slashing and moving our way in, deep within the forest.

Look behind every jumble of bushes and you see a commie either breeding, or smokin' leaves, or doing both. Keep the trigger pressed for long and it doesn’t feel so cold any more. Doing God's good work on this earth makes you feel like one lucky bastard on this cursed land of tropical horrors, where sometimes the rain and mosquitoes seem more evil than the commies.

But we move on anyway, because that is the only way, because we ain't fighting this war to win; we keep on because the job needs to be finished off. We ain't no quitters, no siree, not we; it’s about finishing what you started and moving on to better things in life.


The cigar stays tucked in my mouth as I walk. ‘Watch out for the commie dirt’, someone shouted. It's the brains splattered on the ground, mixed with a lot of blood and stuff, mostly from the guts; the other green stuff that always shows up every time we fry a commie family of four or more with an M1 semi-automatic carbine.

That’s the one to look out for, its heathen blood and its fucking contagious once you catch it; because then you can’t get it off your skin. And aint that the proof, like someone said, proof that there aint no humans around in this island till we first landed.

Good Lord has shown us signs, the right ones, and only the weak and the faithless will ever turn away from it; and once they do, they are as good as the dead commies, 'coz we need to tell the world that it's God's business we are here to mind.


  1. ewww gruesome! n i mus add very classy too :)

  2. HEY by looking at ur pic i cd never figure out u cd also write such stuff. with all the war n philosophy behind war.. but well looks are deceptive i guess.. :)
    n it was a good read nevertheless, minus the guts n bile out of the bodies :/

  3. Intense. You have the ability to paint pictures in people's minds. even though they're a little gory. they tell us the truth.

  4. i was actually imagining what u have written...wars are ugly...but sometimes they are necessary as well.great post :)

  5. @Sadiya Merchant: Oh wow, thanks for your kind words. :)

    @Malhalqa: Well, yes, that is true. When I wrote wetlands, most ppl thought the same, having seen my dp, but looks are overrated I assume.

    @Aabi: Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @Kiran Ashraf: Oh totally, wars are an ugly bitter thing, and well... necessary for what? Peace maybe? Kinda ironic if you come to think of it...