Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of Nukes and Girlfriends

Posted by A Great Liar

It’s been six years since I last met her. And the question was a long time coming.

‘Where have you been, Lev?’ She asked, her eyes never leaving me.

Where else? I wondered. But drunk in mindless abstinence and faithless despair.

I stammered back. ‘Well, I got kinda religious, and grew a beard. My priorities changed. You know, one of those things.’

‘Overnight?’ She asked. ‘I find it hard to believe. You were such a party animal, hon.’

‘Well, yea’. I replied. ‘Kind of. I wanted to blast all the liberals to hell, or tie a nuke up my ass and jump from the Empire State Building.’ Paused. ‘Like I said, my priorities changed.’
‘I can tell’. She frowned. ‘But why the Empire State’?

I answered. ‘Because that’s the only one they have got left. And also because we didn’t really have a realistic shot at the Statue of Liberty, it would always be too risky.’
‘And now’? She asked.

‘And now I want most of them to hang around for a while. Take a more natural course.’ I shrugged. ‘It’s only fair.’

She didn’t think it was funny and looked away, her trembling hands negotiated with the cigarette that smelled of weed.

Curious, I asked. ‘What is this stuff anyway?’

‘Funny, you of all people should ask that. Six years ain’t that long.’ She laughed. ‘The usual stuff we used to devour at the parties. What else?’

Yea, what else. I wondered.

As the dense smoke began to swirl around me, enveloping me in all its haze and glory, I realized how different she looked, sexy in an obscure way I couldn’t exactly fathom, but merely sit back and appreciate her ashen beauty, the pale countenance and decayed lips.

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  1. hello....
    1st time here, gone through ur posts... awesome write up, really....
    The flow you have is perfect....(its not bcoz i had to write something in comment here, but i mean it) keep posting such beautifull stuff.....

  2. i read all your posts. deep stuff.
    thank you for following my blog!

  3. @IRFANUDDIN: Welcome aboard, sir. And thank you, you have been too kind. :)

    @Furree Katt: Thanks a lot. I hope you had fun reading them. And you are welcome, I genuinely liked your blog. And its good to see that you are also into Stephen King.

  4. Its really perfectly written post. I like your writing style

  5. hmm....perfect write up...I wish you have continued the story....anyways...

  6. Haha. Thanks for following.
    This is great stuff! :)
    Eyes closed in the blog header and open in the profile picture.
    Made me wonder.

  7. @Talha: Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

    @Thinking: Thanks. Yea, it kinda felt incomplete to me as well. But had no choice. Have learned from experience that ppl usually dont tend to read long posts. Anything beyond 500 words is probably a big no no. No matter how good the content.

    @SaJ: Thanks SaJ. *sigh* Finally someone noticed ;)

  8. @ great liar: eyes closed in the banner and open in the profile picture thats what makes you a great liar ha!!

    great post... really cool stuff!!

  9. Hey I am first time here... I liked it so much..

    Keep writing.

    Incredible India

  10. great subtle style of writing...
    there is a lot of nuance in your words..
    keep writing...

  11. I liked this post =)
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  12. Great blog. Liked your style.
    Will keep an eye on this space for more.
    Keep writing.

  13. I enojoyed.. more parts coming?

    Following your blog =P do visit mine!

    God bless!

  14. I like your blog, but I disagree with this particular post.
    Good writing though!

  15. @Smokey_Cat: Well, thank you so much. My posts are merely an attempt at humor, I pretty much humorize everything that I see around me, because I often fail to see the point of things we do, and things we believe in. I often wonder what do we really stand for, but opinions piled up one after another.

    I do not really buy into one school of thought or another, be it liberal, moderate or conservative, I think they are just titles, just there for the heck of it, and to be honest, life's a little too short for all that jazz.

    Thanks for the follow, and do come back for more :)

  16. :)

    Well,I was not referring to the the fact that the person in question in your post become 'religious' but rather that it became so easy to change ones priorities without taking anothers feelings in question

    ( be it, that the other person is a drug-ridden junkie- still- drug ridden junkies have feelings too.)


  17. Oh ok, apologies. I think I got a little carried away with my response.

    Oh yea, they do. A little too much of it at times, the feelings that is...

    I rest my case :)

  18. @Khadeeja Z: Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it.