Sunday, February 13, 2011

For the Love of a Swan

Posted by A Great Liar

Standing against the window, I stared far into the distance unknown, dark clouds and beyond, watching the demons of the night smiling at me.

I lost the track of time till, with my back against the door, I heard her barging in the room.

“Don’t you ever knock!” I said, visibly irritated, turning around to face her.

She was all perked up and shining as a well done corpse. Wearing a white blouse with long sleeves and black pants so tapered they made her legs look like sheathed swords, with narrow face and hollow cheeks, her black hairs with dashes of white hung around her face in a lank cowl, and lips painted so brightly red she seemed to be bleeding from the mouth. I also couldn’t help but notice the half finished cigarette sticking between the fingers of her left hand. Or call it weed-candy.

She was apparently off to a date; some slime ball fella with thin shaky legs, sunken cheeks and hippie haircut dipped in olive oil, and cocaine written all over him was the best possible thing I could imagine for her.

Because Providence had its set of regulations, and even for junkies, it wouldn’t make an exception.

She seemed taken aback by my response. “Boy, aren’t we touchy tonight!” Noticing the expression on my face. “You look so pale, Lev. Everything all right?”

“Oh, thinking about the experience I had. Just some lady swaying to the dance of death.” I replied. “It’s probably nothing. Had a funny effect on me I suppose. You know, that face like a painted veil, with the most extraordinary set of emotions you could ever see on a human face. Kinda hard to forget.”

“Well, pardon me for being rude.”She laughed. “But you do know it was just a movie, right?”

“Oh, but it wasn’t just a movie.” Feeling disgusted. “I mean it was something so exquisitely beautiful to behold as whole, and yet if you look deep enough, torn down with madness too deep to comprehend.”

“OK, maybe it was all that and more.” She said. “But don’t you think you are getting a little carried away.”

“Yes, but how could one not.” I protested. “Unless one is an absolute dullard. Wasn’t there was something sublimely beautiful about her tonight. Natalie, that proverbial girl next door, looked like she has just won the heart of Great Satan himself. Her near perfect transition from innocence and inherent fragility to being a most delightful monster you could ever come across. Simply exquisite, don’t you think? I mean … was ever evil done with such finesse, I wonder?”

“You silly duck, you are totally gone, aren’t you?” She exclaimed. “It's almost as if you are in love with her, Lev!”

I drew away from the window, and approached her. Took the half finished weed-candy from her hand, and inhaled, and whispered. “I often am, in and out of love with many things. But you know, it takes a while to shrug something like this off your system. She was so bloody fascinating. To witness one so inherently good-natured so helpless against the madness pulling her down like gravity, bit by bit, ... I mean, there is so much about her I could forever be in love with.” I sighed.

She replied, now seemingly uninterested. “Anyway, I will leave you to your sulking; it should be over by the morning." Paused. "It usually is.”

I hated her for saying that. “You disappoint me tonight, ammo my girl.”

She ignored the comment. “Well, I only came here to ask what you thought of this dress. I mean, how do I look tonight? Do I look all right?”

Like Attila the Hun. I thought bitterly. Only more starved. Like she has spent a winter in wilderness, feeding on marshes and reed, and may be an odd Rabbit meat cooked on stone fire!

“You look great!” I replied, now turning back towards the window, wishing to see her off. “Go get them, girl!”

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  1. gosh you spoke my heart out! i was carried away by black swan...just like that!

  2. "was ever evil done with such finesse, I wonder?"

    Okay, now I want to watch the movie again. :)

  3. i have not watched this movie. :O I FEEL SO LEFT OUT OF ALL THE AWESOMENESS!

  4. interesting.but m lost...too deep for me to understand:S



  6. Black swan part was touching. very nice

  7. nice post
    arent we touchy to night

  8. @Thinking: Oh yea, go get them all! Thanks a lot, Thinking.

    @spiral universe: Thanks spiral, this post was written right after watching the Black Swan, so you can well imagine ....

    @SaJ: Do watch it again, its an experience of sorts.

    @Furree Katt: Oh, you got to, girl. Its an experience.

    @Asma: Thanks, and I suffered from the same predicament! :)

    @AL: You have got to, got to watch this one, AL!

    @Talha: Thanks mate.

    @sm: Oh we are, ...... we are... Thanks a lot.

  9. OMG! I must must see the movie! =O Nice :)

  10. now i want to see the movie too...
    my god..very picturesque:-)

  11. @Ph_ and Suruchi: Ladies, you 've got to, got to, got to see this flick!

  12. I saw the movie, it was good no doubt. I am pretty sure it will bag an oscar or two. But it's not something that I might say, remember forever and show to my kids.

    Surrealism is scary kabhi kabhi

  13. WOW... This is Awesome... dude but i still think Black Swan is not going to get the Oscar :)

  14. @Sadiya Merchant: Hi, thanks for going through with it. Do watch the movie. :)

  15. True. How can one not get carried away. The movie had the same effect on me. More or less the same.

  16. @Chaos: Absolutely, Chaos. I am so glad to note that someone shares my opinion of the movie. It was a real sucker when they didnt award it the best pic oscar.

  17. absolutely beautiful, LOVED it!!!!!

  18. i didnt find much of evil in nina.. she js realized she was also a blend of light and dark that we all encounter every now n then in our lives. its just that sometimes we learn to grow to our full potential in the most challenging of times.
    nice read it was :)

  19. i m leaving the link to one of my posts.. though no similarity to the subject in question but the undertones of transformation may sound a lil suggestive of how episodes of unexpected events as the swan theory suggest as well bring abt a change in situation:

  20. @habloid: Thanks, and welcome to my blog.

    @mahlaqa: Thanks. I just loved that flick, couldnt believe they didnt give it the best pic Oscar. But they do tend to mess it up, like I recall few years back the best pic oscar went to 'LOTR 3' as opposed to 'Mystic River'. That made me dizzy.

    I will be checking out the 'Spring' post. Thanks for the link. :)